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Employing and retaining experienced web design and development professionals can be a costly exercise. This is where OnlineOlogy can help make things a little easier for you. Let us supplement your existing business with our web design and development services.

Why not offer a comprehensive portfolio of web design and development services alongside your existing products and services, with no additional ongoing staffing or set-up costs?

  • Have you turned away projects due to resource constraints?
  • Are some projects simply too large or complex for you to manage?
  • Have you declined work because you do not have the appropriate skills?
  • Do you have too many projects to manage effectively?

We can work as a true extension to your business and you’ll find our rates extremely attractive as we compete on both quality and price. Working in partnership with OnlineOlogy will help your business to generate additional revenue with little or no effort...


Once registered as a preferred partner you can simply refer potential customers to OnlineOlogy that require website design or development work. If the referral results in a successful paid for engagement we will provide you with an attractive commission as a percentage of the work invoiced (usually 10%). In this situation we work directly with the client and the project is delivered under the OnlineOlogy name. Those who refer more than five successful leads in any one year will be rewarded further, with an increased commission rate (usually 15%). We always ask our customers where they heard about us so if they pass on your company name and details we'll be in touch.

Terms and Conditions
  • The commission amount paid for successful project leads stands at 10% of the customer's total invoice.
  • Any commission payments will be made in UK Pounds Sterling within 14 days of the referred client paying their invoice in full.
  • You cannot claim commission on a project when you are personally affiliated by means of employment.
  • Any customer that you refer cannot be a previous customer of OnlineOlogy Ltd.
  • Commission must be claimed within 1 calendar month of the successful lead generation. Whilst we will endeavour to make contact with you to inform you of the status of a lead, it is your responsibility to maintain contact with us.
  • The status of all commission is at the sole discretion of OnlineOlogy Ltd and its members of staff. All decisions are final and commission levels can be adjusted at any time.
  • Commission is only available on projects that result in invoiced work over £600. Work undertaken below this figure from a lead attracts a £0.00 commission rate.
  • The 15% commission rate is valid as long as five successful paid for projects have been undertaken in any one year. If this level drops in any given year the commission is charged at 10%.


If you have a number of projects that need to be delivered to customers under your company name but you require additional design or development assistance why not consider our flexible and low-cost outsourcing services.
You can hire an experienced OnlineOlogy designer or developer to work with you on a monthly (full-time/part-time) basis. Alternatively, we can competitively cost work on a project-by-project or hourly basis. You will not be disappointed in our quality of work, speed of service and overall agility.

If you have one or two projects in the pipeline why not put us to the test right now!

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