Offshore Outsourcing

Just how much time and money does your business spend on IT and staffing costs? Chances are you've done the sums and that's why you're here! Would your company be in a stronger financial position without the following costs associated with hiring in-house staff and technology?

  • In-house staff salaries  
  • Extra office space and furniture
  • Extra computers and IT equipment
  • IT support, insurance and maintenance costs
  • Sick leave and holiday pay
  • Recruitment costs
  • Training expenses

Eliminate the above costs immediately by outsourcing to OnlineOlogy...

We provide cost effective offshore development services based in India. Outsource your projects to us without the added expenses of maintaining in-house professionals. The low cost of outsourcing to OnlineOlogy means that you can have more staff than ever before, which means your business can move more quickly and gain a competitive advantage.

Let us take care of your development requirements whilst you take care of your core business...

If your company occasionally has more business than you can comfortably handle or doesn't have the skills to meet requests from clients, why not outsource to OnlineOlogy? Consider us as an extension to your existing web design and development team without the overheads.

  • Do you have a back log of projects?
  • Have you ever needed to turn projects down due to resource constraints?
  • Are your design and development costs too high?
  • Have your projects suffered due to an inflexible work force?

Once you begin outsourcing, you will free up valuable staff time allowing you to focus on attracting new projects or building existing client relations. When outsourcing to OnlineOlogy, you can be assured of:

  • Fee rates up to 60% lower than UK development rates
  • Excellent and guaranteed quality of work
  • Expert and skilled designers and developers at your disposal
  • Fast turnaround
  • Consistent and regular contact methods including email, phone
    (UK number), and MSN or Skype
  • Invoicing in UK pounds from a UK VAT-registered company
  • Dedicated UK based client relationship manager
  • Access to resources not easily available in-house
  • Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project
  • Offer greater choice and value to existing and new clients

Business process outsourcing advantages – please visit this section to know more about outsourcing advantages.

Why Outsource?

> Dramatically reduce costs
> Access experts on a short-
    term or long-term basis
> Expand your business Stay

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our service you can cancel within the first 14 days and we will refund the unused proportion of your fees in full.

Hire Staff Offshore

From only £6.86 per hour!

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Pricing Models

Flexible Leasing Model – IT Staffing
In this model you can lease a programmer/designer with the skills you require on a monthly basis. The OnlineOlogy staff will report directly to you from our office in India and you can project manage their workload on a daily basis. You will also be allocated your own UK based account manager to ensure that you are given the best possible service.

Fixed Price Model
We need your exact project requirements and specifications to estimate a fixed price. Any changes to the requirements during the project will be charged for as “change requests.”

Time and Material Model
In some circumstances the requirements and specifications are not easy to define at the outset so this model is an attractive and flexible option. From the outset you pay an hourly development rate and at an agreed time the project scope is frozen and a fixed price model is introduced for the remainder of the project.

See IT Staffing for more information and costs. Please Contact Us for more details.

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